Benefits of TALLenglish – Blended Learning

Teacher and student_Blended LearningThe Benefits of TALLEnglish are many. Dr. Ray C. Graham, the generator of the TALL concepts, believed that only through integrating the strengths of software programs with human interaction, can outstanding results be achieved for those people of the world striving to learn English. 

Some programs in high schools, colleges, and universities rely totally on a text book and an instructor. Other commercially sold products rely on the computer with little human interaction.

Dr. Graham states that it is impossible to learn to speak a language without interaction with native speakers. Thus the TALL program provides a combination of computer software programs and interactions with a native speaking instructor or tutor and real world interaction with fellow classmates and the community. 

Benefits of Blended Learning

In a blended learning model, the computer takes over the rote learning process facilitated by teachers in most language classes. The computer provides all of the support materials and is excellent for: 

  • Providing support marterials such as translations, audio and video models of native speech, pictures, etc.
  • Tracking student performance
  • Adapting and reviewing as needed at the student’s own pace
  • Helping the individual at his or her own level

Turning the often boring rote learning over to the computer leaves the teacher free to interact with students and enrich their experience with conversation and motivation. With the TALL model, the teacher focuses on:

  • Modeling models proper sentence structure
  • Providing social interaction to motivate students
  • Providing personalized feedback for spoken and written language
  • Setting individuals for the student to improve

The TALLenglish system provides a teacher’s assistant, making it easy for the teacher to keep track of many students.

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