How is TALL different from other English Language learning products?

Unlike other English language learning programs that solely focus on either technology instruction or classroom instruction, TALL integrates the best technology, teachers, native speakers and real- worlds practice to produce better, faster results.

What sets TALL apart from other ESL applications?

TALL allows students to learn at their own pace.

Our software, tutors, and simulation experiences are designed to adapt toy your pace and individual strength and weaknesses. Our software tracks your progress, giving you more practices when you struggle and advancing you rapidly in areas you already know or learn quickly.

TALL remembers and applies what students have learned.

Too often, knowledge is quickly learned and quickly forgotten. The TALL system is designed to prevent this. TALL software tracks your learning and periodically reviews material that you have mastered to ensure that you do not forget what you have learned. If it detects that you have forgotten an important concept, it provides immediate review to insure that you remember it for the future. Additionally, TALL simulations require real application in realistic environments, insuring that your knowledge becomes action.

TALL helps students speak English with confidence!

It is one thing to recognize English on a page, it is quite another to follow a native speaker in a meeting or talk to one on the phone. TALL focuses in oral language proficiency. One-on–one practice with a native speaker helps you increase your fluency and receive feedback on your pronunciation.

Benefit from our drive for perfection.

We believe in a continuous improvement approach to language learning. We collect thousands of data points each time we implement the TALL system and analyze the data to discover areas where we can fine-tune our system. We never stop improving how we can best meet your English learning needs.

What research group is behind TALL?

TALL was created by the premier language research university in Northern America. Under development at Brigham Young University since 1993, thousands of individuals have been assessed in the program to ensure that only the best learning theories, technologies and practices are used.

Is the acronym TALL trademarked?

Yes, worldwide.