Background Information-Global Educational Technologies, LLC

Global Educational Technologies is in the business of providing language learners with the fastest path to second language acquisition.  We do this through our second language acquisition software acquisition offering called Technology Assisted Language Learning (TALL).

Starting in 1993, a team of the brightest minds in linguistics, instructional psychology, computer science, and educational design, led by Dr. C Ray Graham at Brigham Young University, assembled to answer an age old question in second language acquisition; “How can we help ESL learners not only grasp, but retain and use the information taught in an ESL course.”   286,000 man hours and more than $10 million in design, development and implementation later, the TALL ESL application was born.

From this collaboration, not only was the most effective piece of ESL learning software created, but a new, more effective language learning methodology was discovered.   Marrying new technology with the most effective teaching practices, TALL is the fastest path to second language acquisition, bar none.  In the process of creating TALL, the following patented innovations in learning, now know as the The Pillars of the TALL Learning Technology were developed.

Adaptability: Lessons adapt automatically to the user’s knowledge level and learning pace. New concepts are introduced as the student masters the learning materials.

Spaced Review: As the user learns, the TALL learning system consistently forces the user to review what has already been learned based on the user’s current performance. The program “remembers” what concepts the learner struggled to grasp and incorporates these into future activities and lessons. This, in addition to the adaptability feature, is unique to TALL products. This sets GET’s learning products apart from the competition.

Task-based Learning: The TALL learning system focuses on application of learned principals rather than rote memorization. TALL is designed for students to learn and apply tasks that embrace real-life situations. Each task builds on the previously completed tasks so there is an inherent system of review built into the exercises.

TALL utilizes technology and human interaction to reduce the time required to learn how to communicate effectively in English, which lessens cultural conflicts and brings improved productivity to the workplace.

English Language Learning Solutions

TALL is the most effective and comprehensive technology in the world for learning English as a Second Language (ESL), the international language of commerce. TALL provides corporations such as Intel, governments and schools worldwide, and individuals with the English language learning tools necessary to thrive in the competitive business environment of the twenty-first century.

TALL employs a blended learning approach, which combines software and classroom-style ESL learning solutions to create a learning environment that is personally interactive, comprehensive and effective. The instructor may monitor each student’s progress from a control workstation. A reporting system maintains each student’s progress.