English Certification Test (ECT) Proficiency Levels for English as a Second Language (ESL)

In this post, we will discuss the various proficiency levels of the English Certification Test for ESL learners within our suite of offerings.  As we have discussed, the ECT test provides ESL learners with the ability to document proficiency to schools and employers.  For more information on the ECT, please click here.

We will also discuss the ECT test format and the helps that are available for the language learner.  The ECT is comprised of 3 different tests each measuring the proficiency level of  each ESL learner. The following table outlines the skills that each ECT test certifies:

Test Format

The test is taken on the computer which gives the test proctor control over crucial testing features, but also gives some flexibility to the ESL learner.  The table below depicts the test format of each skill:

Test Helps

There are a couple of helps available to the ESL learner. First, the instructors for the level I and II tests are written in the native language of that ESL learner to ensure that the she understands what to do. Currently, it has a language support for native speakers of Spanish, Portugese, Japanse, Korean, Mandarin and French. Other languages will be added as the demand for them increases.

Then, for those ESL learners who are not very familiar with computers, there is a tutorial at the beginning of the test, which provides instructions and practice tasks to introduce the format for the test to the ESL learner. These practice tasks include moving the mouse to click on items on the screen, moving the scroll bar up and down, waiting until the preparation time stops and the speaking time starts to record, and clicking on the listening icon to hear the passage.

Adapted from “ECT: English Certification Test”, by Dr. C. Ray Graham, Ph.D. and Kari E. Vidal, MA Language Testgin, both of Brigham Young University. Used with permission.

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