In this market you have to create your own job.

We believe that English is now, and will continue to be, the language of commerce for the foreseeable future. We believe that once an individual learns to communicate in English, they are able to improve not only their conditions, but the conditions of those whom their business transactions will impact.

There are approximately 2 Billion people learning to speak English at this very moment. Statistics tell us, however, that as high as 94% of them will not become fluent. We understand that this lack of success is not that the learners fail, but that the current systems fail them. We feel this is an atrocity and want to turn that percentage upside down. We have been able to do so with our past learners.

We understand that the current state of our economy has caused many to struggle financially. We know this, because many of us have experienced the same. We understand that in economic conditions such as the ones facing our world, there are not a lot of “jobs” available and that many people will need create their own job, using their strengths from the past.

Global Educational Technologies offers a rare opportunity for a few individuals throughout the world to become distributors of our Technology Assisted Language Learning system (TALL). As a TALL distributor, you will have the opportunity to market and sell TALL into Government agencies, elementary to higher education institutions, business and the like, who have the need to effectively teach English within their organization. To be considered, you must have a strong business plan that demonstrates the ability to market and sell TALL and provide appropriate customer support and training.

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